Aluminium Air conditioning Grilles for all applications. Internal or external applications. Anodised or painted. With or without birdwire mesh.

Aluminium Louvre Filter Grille

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Attractive, non-vision return air conditioning grille.

Clip-out centre for easy access to Permatron ®  filter.

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Aluminium Louvre Grille


Sturdy Aluminium Louvre Grilles for both an internal and external application. Weatherproof external louvres come fitted with a birdwire mesh to protect against entry by birds or vermin.

Double Deflection Wall Register


Adjustable Double Deflection Wall Registers. Supplied with either fixed or removable core. Standard sizes available; also made to any size.

Eggcrate Hinged Filter Grille

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Functional Eggcrate finished in Pearl White. Made to size with easy-to-remove filters to cut down on allergies resulting from dust circulating throughout the house and reducing the effectiveness of your heater and air conditioner.