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Here at Woodflo we are a team of locals, manufacturing custom grilles that meet our wholesale, trade, and retail customers’ exacting specifications. We’re committed to keeping our prices affordable for high quality, locally manufactured grilles, vents, and registers. We manufacture in all standard sizes so that you can find a simple solution for ducted heating or air conditioning outlets easily. However, if you have a request that’s a little out of the ordinary then we would be happy to help.

Custom HVAC Grilles in Aluminium

Our custom HVAC grilles in sturdy, modern aluminium provide homes and businesses with the solution they need. We can manufacture internal and external grilles with customisation options that are purely practical. If the area where the grille is to be placed is an unusual shape or size, then you can count on us to provide the perfect fit.

Of course, we can also provide customisation options that transform a grille into a thing of beauty, without compromising on its function. From decorative panels to unique colours and finishes, let us know what you have in mind and we will make it a reality.

Custom Grille
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Need a Custom Size Grille?
Woodflo supplies wholesale, trade and retail customers, feel free to contact us for a pricing schedule or any technical data.

Custom HVAC Grilles in Timber

Each timber HVAC grille made by Woodflo is as unique as the wood used to craft it. From floor registers that blend seamlessly with your floorboards to custom HVAC grilles made in unique shapes, sizes, stains, and finishes, we provide every type of timber grille imaginable… and then a few more just for good measure.

Custom Grilles Fitted with Quality Electrostatic Filters

Fitting your custom grille with a high-quality electrostatic air filter will ensure you enjoy many years of fresh air, free from impurities, and an HVAC system that is better protected from dust, allergens, and other pollutants. We use the range of filters that come with a lifetime warranty for our customers’ complete peace of mind.

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