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Here at Woodflo we create custom return air grilles in aluminium or timber according to our clients’ unique specifications. We provide wholesale, trade, and retail customers with the functional grilles that they need for their heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems, and we finish each grille with the style that will best suit its new setting.

We’re a local Melbourne company, and as we grow to meet the manufacturing demands of our new and returning customers you can be sure that one thing will never change; that’s our commitment to providing friendly and efficient service for all of our valued customers.

Return Air Grilles Made in Melbourne

When you’re searching for return air grilles for your Melbourne home or office, why settle for something that is produced en masse overseas, when you can talk to our local team for an affordable custom solution.

Our speciality is in vents, grilles, and return air filters, so we can continue to offer extremely competitive prices for high-quality products that are crafted with care. From our website you will see that we focus on the most popular types of return air grilles, however, as manufacturers we are able to provide our customers with almost any style of grille, vent, or register to meet their specific requirements.

Return Air Grille
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Need a Custom Size Grille?
Woodflo supplies wholesale, trade and retail customers, feel free to contact us for a pricing schedule or any technical data.

Decorative Return Air Grilles for a Modern or Classic Style

Our decorative return air grilles in timber finishes were designed to bring a touch of warmth and class to any building. They can be stained in cedar, teak, or walnut finishes to match floorboards or other features within your home. You may also choose to have them lacquered, painted in a simple white finish at our factory, or supplied as raw timber ready for the finishing touches in your chosen stain or paint colour.

Our aluminium return air grilles generally feature an eggcrate or louvre style, however the decorative finish for your grille is really limited only by your imagination. You can browse through our galleries of past projects to see some of the exciting designs our customers have chosen for their own custom grilles.

Return Air Grilles That Feature the Best in Filtering Technology

Our return air grilles all come with the option of a electrostatic air filter. These filters come with a lifetime warranty, and the user-friendly design of our grilles allows you to easily remove the filter when needed for inspection or cleaning to ensure that your filter continues to provide a lifetime of service as it filters out dust, allergens, and pollutants.

Return Air Grilles Made for Melbourne Conditions

Our sturdy aluminium louvre grilles can be adapted for both internal and external applications. When placed externally we will incorporate a bird wire mesh to guard against nesting birds or vermin.

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