The air inside your home or building is filled with millions of invisible pollutants that can be causing adverse health effects.

These invisible pollutants are caused by items such as cleaning products, pets, office machines and appliances. These harmful particles are continually circulating throughout your heating and ventilating system, affecting indoor air quality.

These pollutants can build up to dangerous proportions if not diluted. Electrostatic air filtration is a permanent, cost effective way to significantly improve the quality of your air. By installing one of Woodflo’s permanent, electrostatic, return air filters, you will drastically reduce the number of irritating airborne contaminants in your environment.

Our residential electrostatic return air filters come with a lifetime warranty, are easy to clean and environmentally friendly. So what are you waiting for? Throw away your disposable filter and call Woodflo today to find out how you can get one of our permanent electrostatic return air filters!